IFSA Family Swimming with infants (0-1 year old)

Educational course structure:


Theoretical path:

* definition and guidelines of family swimming;

* history and benefits of early swimming;

* the last and actual information and researhes around early swimmng;

* children development from birth to 1 year old;

* newborn reflexes;

* health conditions and restrictions;

* attachment theory and why it`s so important;

* abilities and needs;

* basic positions and holds in the water;

* teacher`s positions in the class;

* lesson planning;

* working with demonstration dolls;

* safety;

* suitable pool activities for the age group

Practical path:

* demo classes from tutor with a feedback,

* water practice with a dolls

* classes with invited families to practice with the real children

Examination path:

* daily reviews,

* final written exam,

* final practice exam.


Duration of education: 5 days


Every person who will successfully end the course and pass an exam will get an official certificate of IFSA.